During my time in Stoke, it has been apparent that medium to large scale development in the city can be broadly classified into two crude typological brackets. Firstly there is that of low density housing. This in itself further splits into the street scale refurbishments of Victorian housing, and estate scale new builds. Secondly, there is that of large shed structures.

From conducting informal interviews with residents, it seems apparent that whilst housing developments are generally welcomed, there is a degree of animosity towards the number of sheds being constructed. This sentiment was summed by response when I noted the works commencing on a new trade park further down the road in Tunstall to a café worker: “Not another shed…”.

How can large scale commercial typologies, such as sheds, be adapted such to be accepted and welcomed by communities as a positive asset to their neighbourhoods?


A speculative development of sheds on Brownhills Road, south of Tunstall town centre.


A street of refurbished Victorian terraced houses in Middleport.