City-Locked Rural

A visit to Berry Hill Fields: a rural-urban hybrid.

The rural-urban condition of Berry Hill Fields is a product of numerous urban centres expanding towards each other, yet with the respective ambitions of each centre to maintain a rural periphery. As such, a city-locked pocket of the rural has resulted.

The land is used as a largely private recreational space as well as a nature reserve. The former is largely split between small plots and is predominately intensively grazed by horses. The peripheries of Berry Hill are increasingly being eroded by development in the form of speculative warehouse space and low density housing estates.

How can the recreational desires of a small number of individuals be positioned against the needs of the larger community, whilst setting aside space for continued economic growth?


Land use on Berry Hill Fields. 


New boundary to Berry Hill Fields as development encroaches. 


Intensively grazed land at Berry Hill Fields